How to Shuffle All the Data Google Collects About You

How to Ruin All the Data Google Collects About You

It is well known that the search giant carefully monitors our every activity and movement. As soon as you enter some kind of search query, Google immediately takes note of it and adds it to your digital “personal file”. Not everyone is pleased with such attention, so we offer you one interesting solution.

Ruin My Search History is a real nightmare for Google algorithms. The program generates completely random search queries on your behalf, for example, “where to buy a boat”, “how to get to the sea”, etc. Thus, the search history is so saturated with various queries that Google simply cannot understand which ones are yours and which ones were generated. The digital portrait of your personality is very blurred.

The service works both on computers and mobile phones. You only need to specify the required number of requests and click on the "Ruin My Search History" button. In the end, for information, get a list of requests that were made on your behalf.

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