Basic Tips To Secure Your Mobile Phone

Basic Tips To Secure Your Mobile Phone

Security has always been a concern for mobile phone users, and while none of these below are foolproof, it’s always better to take precautionary steps to prevent anything unwanted to happen. Consider this as a checklist and see how many you’ve done for your realme phone!

Double Your Security Layers

Most Steam users should be familiar with the two-step authentication. Two-step authenticators work similarly to how banks would send you TAC codes via SMS to confirm an action. You can apply the same to some other apps that may hold a lot of private data, for example Facebook, Google, and Discord. Some people may also use this for logging into servers or website backends. Personally, I’m using Google Authenticator.

Enable Secure Keyboard

Predictive texts have become so good today because our keyboards collect data. Naturally, a downside to this are possible password leaks. If you haven’t, just enable a secure keyboard for passwords to disable keystrokes capturing - this also prevents screenshots/screen recording (which, if hacked correctly, can be stolen).

Enable Secure Keyboard

Settings > Additional Settings > Keyboard & Input Method

Don’t Root Your Phone

Unless you know what you’re doing or bought a phone just for tinkering, it’s probably better not to void your warranty or worse, bricking it. Rooted phones can also open a door for malwares and spywares to circumvent Android security systems. 

Some banking apps can also prevent itself from working on rooted phones, and you might also experience issues with official OS updates and Google-related issues. Personally, I’ve done this once and my Google Play anymore could not work after a few updates.

Identify Suspicious Email Sources

While the “generous Nigerian prince” email doesn’t work anymore, these days scammers have learned to disguise themselves as the real thing. One way is to pay attention to some details before clicking on any given links in its content - an example is below, where I recently received a fake Facebook email. The email address looked suspicious, the content is poorly formatted and the subject is vague. Upon Googling for official Facebook addresses, I simply dumped the email.

Identify Suspicious Email Sources

The link given in the email doesn’t exist anymore, it seems that Facebook might have found and shut it down already

Change Your Passwords

Most experts would recommend to change your passwords every 3-6 months, and the best ones are at least 7-10 characters long, in a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters (see below). It is also recommended not to reuse your last 2-3 passwords, and change immediately if you notice something is wrong (for example, if you get notification of a strange activity you’re not aware of).

Oh and lastly, don’t leave your phone unlocked and unattended. I mean, I’ve done my share of snatching a friend’s phone and posting funny stuff on their Facebook...

Apart from the above, what other steps do you practice to secure your phone? I’m sure I haven’t listed every way possible, so I’d love to learn a thing or two from the realme community too.

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