How to Speed up Chrome Download Speed

How to Speed up Chrome Download Speed

Are you sick of Chrome taking forever to download a file? Well, today I'll show you how to speed up your downloads.

First things first, open chrome and type in the following: > chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading


You should now see this screen; go ahead and click on 'Enable' underneath "Parallel downloading".

Once you have done that, relaunch Chrome. Now when ever an item is downloaded, it will use all of your available connections to download content faster. Before parallel downloading was enabled on my internet plan which has 20mb/s connection speeds, my download speeds were averaging at 0.7 mb/s while downloading a 10mb file on google drive; now my download speeds is averaging at 2.5mb/s with same file size & connection speeds while downloading a 1gb file from google drive.

If you have any problems downloading files, try going back to the settings and disabling 'parallel downloads'. Hopefully this will make your life easier!   

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