OPPO K9s Full Review: Comes with Big Screen & Battery

OPPO K9s Full Review: Coming with Big Screen & Battery

Oppo K9s consists of a Snapdragon 778G chipset which is an octa-core CPU ARM Cortex A55 architecture design, The device has 6/8 GB RAM. The internal storage varies from 128GB to 256GB. There are 3 colors available in this model - Black, Silver & Purple.

The Oppo K9s display shows an FHD+ JDI LCD with ultra-thin bezels. The brightness level can adapt to different conditions automatically via AI Brightness function where it will adjust the optimal screen levels in accordance with your surroundings or light condition. It's very comfortable when you use it under direct sunlight since its screen level is high enough that allows you to read the texts easily.

The display also has a smooth 120Hz refresh rate touch response function which improves the continuity & smoothness of the gesture operation. The touch experience is very good thanks to the latest axis sensor technology in this phone 

Screen Direction

OPPO K9s Full Review: Coming with Big Screen & Battery

Detection Sensor where it recognizes even delicate touches in day-to-day usage. The overall screen responsiveness is great since all animations are done smoothly without any lagging or stuttering when you swipe your fingers across the entire screen, playing games, or watching videos on YouTube.

If you compare Oppo K9s with other popular devices, its overall build quality gives a luxurious feel due to its full aluminum alloy frame which looks elegant & sturdy at the same time while keeping it incredibly lightweight. There is also a pretty masculine color available in this model - Silver standing out with its matte metallic finishing.

However, Oppo K9s doesn't have any IP rating for waterproof & dust resistance features so it's better not to take it underwater since the parts might degrade over time when exposed to water continuously. The audio quality generated when you plug in your earphones or when making phone calls has great clarity thanks to its built-in smart amplifier that ensures clear sounds even when the volume level is turned up higher than usual.

This device also supports a 3.5mm headphone jack design meaning it's more than capable of producing high-quality sounds that you will enjoy thoroughly. The microphone also works great during phone calls & voice recording since it captures clear acoustics without background noise.


OPPO K9s Full Review: Coming with Big Screen & Battery

Oppo K9s has a Triple Rear Camera of  64MP OV64B + 8MP Hi846 ultra wide-angle + 2MP macro and a front-facing camera that includes a 16MP IMX471 selfie camera. It's got the Ultra Wide Angle Mode where you can capture more subjects in one frame or take wider landscape shots without having to move away from your location. 

This feature is very useful for Selfie Lovers out there because this allows them to fit everyone in their selfies, even if they are close enough to each other. Instead of trying to fit everyone in your shot, you can simply capture the ultra-wide range views which sometimes capture beautiful backgrounds on both sides of your selfies or group shots.

This device also has a great mode for capturing moving objects without blur. It's called Super Night Scene Mode where it will take multiple pictures at different exposures to ensure that even dark areas are captured properly while bright areas are properly exposed as well. 

This allows you to have high-quality captures with amazing details, especially during low light conditions. If you're not satisfied with the outcome of any picture taken, just jump into its AI Beautify feature where it will improve & enhance the captured images by adding natural enhancements to suit everyone's taste since this function is automatically enabled whenever you open the camera app.

The camera is also packed with many features that you can play around with when taking your pictures or videos - The Pro Mode, Panorama Mode, Slow Motion & Time Lapse Mode among others. You may use these modes to take the best shots depending on how much control you want for your captures.


OPPO K9s has a big battery capacity of 5000 mAh which provides this device a long-lasting power since it can last up to 2 days even in intensive usage conditions. This feature allows you to stay longer in different locations without bringing its charger everywhere you go because its battery level can withstand 3 hours of continuous video playback where brightness is set at 50%. It's very convenient when traveling or spending time outdoors especially when you are away from power sources for a long time.

Oppo K9s also has a VOOC4.0 charger which is one of the fastest chargers in the market right now. It can charge this device up to 50% battery level within just 10 minutes & 100% within 25-30 minutes. This feature is very useful when you're running out of juice or when your phone is about to turn off because it will take only a few minutes before you start using it again, even if its battery was completely drained.


Oppo K9s has an Android 11 operating system with ColorOS 12 custom user interface & it supports Dual SIM cards which means you can use 2 different numbers on a single smartphone. This phone also has a 3D IR face unlocking feature which allows you to quickly unlock this device's screen with just a glance of your eyes since the function is enabled in under 0.1 seconds. You'll never have to worry about accidental unlocks or pocket calls when you don't mean to as this device will only allow those who are registered as authorized users to access its features, even if they're within a close proximity range.


Oppo K9s is equipped with all necessary connectivity options such as - 5G LTE network support, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 5, GPS with A-GPS & GLONASS. It also has a USB Type-C interface which is quite popular among most Android smartphones in the market right now because it has fast data transfer speeds, supports OTG connectivity & offers more user benefits compared to other traditional interfaces.

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