BlackShark 4S Pro Review

BlackShark 4S Pro Review

The Shark! From BlackShark, the new brand from Xiaomi and popularized by gamers and power users.

BlackShark is a gaming smartphone - Blazing phone with top-level performance and it does not disappoint!

A very bold claim to make but we shall see. This article will be an in-depth review of the Blackshark 4S Pro specifications, design, pros cons and hopefully, get into some benchmarks/gaming tests too. I've been using this device for over two weeks now. So let's get started! 

First up Price: $821 (Yes that expensive ). But you're getting a lot for that price. The design is great, the build quality is excellent as expected from Xiaomi/BlackShark, Cameras are top-notch, performance( with the snapdragon 888 chipsets ) is great with almost no stutters or drops. And the battery life is very good. 

BlackShark 4S Pro Review

The UI JoyUI by BlackShark is pretty much stock Android 11 with a few extra features here and there which work well for gaming/movies etc... Audio quality via earphones was also excellent as expected from Xiaomi - Proper Hi-Res certified headphones would be even better though. If you're an audiophile then this phone has got you covered! The display is great too thanks to its 1440p IPS E4AMOLED screen, 94% NTSC Colour Gamut, 1300 nits brightness. It's also got a very cool feature where it auto-adjusts the contrast/brightness to make sure the display is always visible too! 

The phone itself feels great in the hand and has just the right weight for a comfortable grip, but does get warm quickly when charging or gaming - That's where that Liquid Cooling System comes into play tho... All in all this device is top-tier hardware packed into an iPhon-esque shell with Android 11. 

The Blackshark 4S Pro comes with a dedicated X-style shoulder button for gaming, dual front stereo speakers with Hi-Res audio certification, better cameras, and bigger battery, etc... 

BlackShark 4S Pro Review

If you're someone who uses your phone for games over other purposes then The Blackshark 4S Pro is an excellent choice. Those who game on their phones but not necessarily power users might prefer something cheaper with decent performance. 

If you have any queries or questions feel free to ask in the comments below! - Thanks for reading my article. 

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