Xiaomi’s First High-End Smart Speaker On Sale

Xiaomi’s First High-End  Smart Speaker On Sale

At the Autumn Conference in August, Xiaomi launched its first high-end smart speaker, Xiaomi Sound. Recently, Xiaomi announced that the Xiaomi Sound Silver Starlight model will be first sold commercially at 10:00 am this morning priced at 499 Yuan. 

This silver starlight model has a much higher appearance value than other models. The pearlescent silver body of the silver starlight model can react magically with ambient light, just like a silver star shining on the desktop. 

In terms of sound quality, Xiaomi Sound is equipped with a 2.2--inch neodymium-iron-boron dual-magnetic circuit full-frequency unit, a shocking sound pressure reaching up to 90dB, a 54mm×44mm dual-suspension passive radiator, and a sinking frequency of 70Hz. 

Xiaomi’s First High-End  Smart Speaker On Sale

In addition, the speakers are equipped with Harman's hall-level tuning and Hi-Res Audio high-resolution certification, which brings a better listening experience through innovative computing audio.

In general, Xiaomi Sound has two colors: black and white. The black model was officially released in April, priced at 699 yuan. The silver starlight model is priced at 499 yuan ($77), while the white model will be sold in three channels on January 14th next year, either online or offline.

The price of Xiaomi's smart speaker is still lower than its main competitor Amazon Echo. 

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