Xiaomi Mi 12 Designs & Launch Date: Snapdragon 898

Xiaomi Mi 12 Designs : Snapdragon 898

Xiaomi's next annual flagship, the Mi 12 series will debut earlier than expected and maybe the first of its kind to launch in November. In addition to the release date, a user with the name Digital chat station has revealed that the design and configuration of the Mi 12 series will be different this time around. There will be a wider frame and chin is expected and visual effects should also improve.

He also stated that the curved screen solution will also be changed to a hyperboloid solution that is more visually coordinated. At the same time, the user also replies to netizen's comments that Mi 12 will be equipped with a 50-megapixel camera instead of the previously rumored 200-megapixel.

This will be the first smartphone from Xiaomi to received the new-generation flagship processor " Snapdragon 898".

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