Nissan's Leaf S - Overview

Purchasing an electric car is a good decision for many reasons, but one of the most important factors to consider is the range. The Nissan Leaf S has a range of up to 240 km (150 miles) on a single charge. 

With this vehicle, you have the freedom to do as you please without any worries or restrictions. Whether your destination is just next door or across town, with Nissan's Leaf S, it's all good!

Why People Are Buying Nissan Leaf S

One of the main reasons for people buying an electric car is they want to help the environment and be eco-friendly. The Nissan Leaf S helps with this. It has zero emissions, which means there are no harmful gases released into the air.

What Else Does it Have to Offer Apart From Mileage?

Apart from its extended range, another reason that the Nissan Leaf S is ideal for travel is that you don't pay a cent for tolls or charge fees at public charging stations. With this vehicle, you'll be able to travel anywhere with ease.

What Other Features Does Nissan Leaf S Have?

The Nissan Leaf S has a lot of advanced eco-friendly features such as Intelligent Around, View Monitor for safely backing up when you need, and there's even the option of getting your car with auto-gate, which means your vehicle can open the garage door automatically and then close it after you drive out.

How do people find out more about Nissan Leaf S?

People can find out more about the Nissan Leaf S by visiting any Nissan dealership or searching online at

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