How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

Previously, we provided a series of recommendations for all users who feel that Windows starts slowly. At the top of the list was optimizing the boot process by disabling specific programs. For those who prefer to remove applications from the Start menu in Windows 10 without manually editing the registry to help boot the operating system much faster, you can download Startup Sentinel and reduce the process to just a few clicks.

Two bad habits in the world of computing have never been totally eliminated: the first is that many manufacturers load their computers with unmanageable bloatware, and the second is that a large number of programs try to launch along with Windows. Combining these two factors will result in the destruction of the performance of the operating system.

In order to resolve this issue, the first step is to disable programs that are launched at startup in Windows 10. Although technically nothing prevents you from disabling its start-up, but if you intend to carry out a more in-depth cleaning and are you not comfortable with manually altering of the Registry, then Startup Sentinel is an excellent alternative, made by the creators of the SUM updater.

How To Remove Programs From Windows 10 with Startup Sentinel

It's not the first time we have discussed Startup Sentinel, but given recent updates, I think it is worth a review. After downloading the software (I recommend the portable version), open it and locate the entries for the programs that you wish to have removed from your start menu. Select "Remove" and that should do it.

Startup Sentinel enables you to create whitelists and blacklists. The processes on the whitelist will automatically start with your operating system, whereas by selecting blacklist you will prevent any program from adding itself to your start menu again. This feature requires Startup Sentinel to be present on your startup along with Windows in order to function.

While there are more robust tools available that fulfill the same function ( like Autoruns), Startup Sentinel does not fail to deliver. There is no learning curve, it's very easy to use, and it's free. These are always desirable qualities when reviewing a product. This is the option you need if you want to remove programs from Windows 10's and help to to boot your PC faster.

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