How To Delete Facebook Account 2021

Simple Way to Delete Your Facebook Account In 2021

Simple Way to Delete Your Facebook Account In 2021

If you're tired and bored with Facebook, then this post will certainly help you to get rid of the site for good. Here are instructions which will show you how to permanently delete your account . So if you want to get rid of it then follow the below given steps. Before we begin though make sure that these are what you really want because once again I tell you that once an account is deleted there's no going back so think carefully before taking any action! 

1) Log in to Facebook on a computer or mobile device using the correct email address and password. 

2) Visit the Delete My Account page by clicking here , or by going to

3) Scroll down to the button of the page you will see delete my Account 

4) Click on Delete my account

5) Select Yes, I'm Absolutely Sure that I want to delete my account 

6) Click Delete My Account Again! 

7) You have successfully deleted your Facebook account

I hope this guide help you on how to delete facebook in 2021

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