Elon Musk presents the Tesla Bot To Replace Risky Humans Task/Jobs

Tesla Bot was undoubtedly Elon Musk's most surprising presentation during AI Day. Since it was a humanoid robot that looked like it came out from a science fiction novel. We were actually able to see an early prototype of the electric car company's project - which was a mannequin to verify that the project is real. And as a result, they clarified that it is still under development and cannot be seen moving for the time being.

The Tesla Bot will be used to replace humans in repetitive, risky, and boring tasks, according to Elon Mush. He stated that They measure 1.76 meters and weigh 56 kilograms, figures that would enable them to perform efficient movements to fulfill their duties.

The Tesla Bot will be equipped with a large number of internal systems, both hardware, and software, to be efficient on a daily basis. For example, his hands can behave like those of humans to hold objects. It will also have 40 electromechanical actuators, which act as joints to facilitate the movement of the robot.

I have to admit that I am surprised that the weight of the Tesla Bot is so low in comparison to its height. Elon Musk emphasizes that in order to accomplish this, they will use lightweight materials while still maintaining its strength and durability.

This Robot will have a "brain" that is similar to that of Tesla's Autopilot system. You will not believe it, but it is equipped with an FSD ( simple meaning the computer can use your PC if you tell it to or even take a picture ). 

Lastly, there will be a transparent material surrounding the head. Moreover, instead of a face, a screen is going to be used to display information.

The Tesla Bot will also have a neural network to identify objects nearby and respond to them in the most natural way possible. It has a simulation system as well as a set of tools for continuous learning.

Tesla intends to have the first prototype of the Tesla Bot ready by 2022. Providing, of course, there are no unexpected obstacles along the way. What are your concerns about the possibility of the Tesla Bot leading to a revolt of machines and the rise of Skynet? Don't worry, Musk assures us that it is a friendly robot. 

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