Twitter Blue Subscription Launches

The wait is finally over. Twitter just launched its first subscription service and now you can edit your tweets and undo any mistakes before they go live! That's right! this new service is called Twitter Blue.

With Undo Tweet, you can get up to 30 seconds of peace of mind, by previewing what your post will look like before sending it. It's the perfect tool for when you need to make quick changes to a post without having to completely write the tweet again.
We’ve heard from the people that use Twitter a lot, and we mean a lot, that we don’t always build power features that meet their needs. Well, that’s about to change. We took this feedback to heart, and are developing and iterating upon a solution that will give the people who use Twitter the most what they are looking for: access to exclusive features and perks that will take their experience on Twitter to the next level.
And for those wondering, no, a free Twitter is not going away, and never will. This subscription offering is simply meant to add enhanced and complementary features to the already existing Twitter experience for those who want it.


Starting today, you can access a range of exciting new features for your phone. These include customizable home screen icons and app color schemes, as well as access to dedicated subscription customer support. All that, for just $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD a month!

We don't have US rollout or pricing information yet, but based on these numbers, the fees could be anywhere from $2.50 to $4.00 per item! But as of now this new service is only available to Canadian user and Australia
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