Samsung Delivers Some Advanced Tech Gifts For 2021

For both techie parents and tech geeks, Samsung offers a series of cool technological gifts in 2021. This advanced technology gift set includes smartphones, wearable devices, and digital audio devices that allow you to expand your digital ecosystem and improve your connected work experience.

Advanced Tech Gifts For 2021 That Keep You Connected

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: Do you want your dad to have the most powerful smartphone camera? Then, you may want to surprise him with a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. Thanks to its highly advanced camera module, the latest Samsung S21 5G handset can capture the moments that matter.

Easily record 8K videos and take photos from a distance without blurring. Its dual telephoto lens now zooms in faster and sharper than any other zoom and I can surprise you with its 100x .. In addition, it has Samsung's fastest processor, thicker glass that is ideal for surviving unexpected drops, and 5G speed, as well as a long-lasting battery.

It is available for purchase at Amazon and other retail stores at a reference price of $1,049. It is available in two colors: black or silver.

Galaxy Watch3 LTE: The new version of this smartwatch is available in its LTE version, and it is made of premium materials with important innovations, to become your best health and wellness assistant, manage your routines, achieve your fitness goals, and remain aware of your health due to its technology. Its design maintains the iconic rotating bezel while presenting the craftsmanship of a luxury watch.

Greater independence? Moreover, the Galaxy Watch3 LTE's connectivity does not require a Smartphone to function and most of its network-dependent functions can be accessed and used without requiring a Smartphone, such as receiving notifications, streaming favorite Spotify playlists, and accessing applications from anywhere. It even gives the possibility of receiving and making calls while away from a Smartphone, since it has CMC (Call and message continuity) technology to use the device with 100% independence.

Currently, the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch3 is available in two models: 41mm in Mystic Bronze color and 45mm in Mystic black color at a reference price of $259 and $247 respectively.

Samsung NeoQLED 2021: Using a new Smart TV standard can transform the way your dad enjoys content such as movies, games, and more. In 2021 Samsung launched the Samsung NeoQLED 2021 TV line that features 8K and 4K Models from 55 to 85 inches.

With this new portfolio, you will have realistic image quality and flexible features that can be tailored to your everyday needs. NeoQLED is based on Quantum Mini LED technology, an element as small as a grain of sand - in a ratio of 1 to 40 with respect to the standard size of an LED - which makes TVs have an ultra-slim design and an image capable of displaying the deepest blacks and the highest contrast levels.

It is available in a variety of 8K model sizes ranging from 55" inches to 85" inches .

Galaxy Z Fold 2: Foldable phones have arrived, and if your dad is one of those who want to always have the latest technology, his ideal phone would be the Galaxy Z Fold 2, a device that combines all the technological innovations and multitasking capabilities of a smartphone.

By using this smartphone, you will be able to carry out multiple activities simultaneously due to the 6.2-inch screen that provides the feel of working on a tablet. Not only does it stand out for its state-of-the-art hinge design, which ensures smooth folding motion, but also its powerful performance and all-day battery life. Perfect for dads who love to be connected.

Available at a reference price of $1,249 in two colors Mystic black and  Mystic Bronze.

Galaxy Buds Pro: Galaxy Buds Pro is Samsung's flagship premium headphone, created to help users get the most out of their work, entertainment, and everything else in between. If your dad wants headphones that accompany him everywhere, this is his best option.

It features Enhanced Ambient Sound, superior audio quality, Intelligent Noise Cancellation (ANC), and Automatic Connection with Galaxy devices such as smartphones and tablets. All in a modern design.

Currently, they are available for $144.49 in three colors: Black, Silver, and Violet.
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