iOS 15: Features of The New iPhone Operating System

Apple has introduced its latest iOS operating system for the iPhone. The new update has improved the design and shape of its environment. This update will enhance the applications and the internal functions of the iPhone. 

The introduction of FaceTime and the support for Windows and Android are two new additions features that are due to the increase of teleworking and remote work, as well as the variations in modalities among different countries.

The iOS 15 also added user's functions such as spatial audio, noise cancellation in video calls, portrait mode in facetime, and the creation of call links(an idea that will allow you to share links and still connect you, people, during video call).

iOS 15: Messages and advanced functions for the Apple smartphone

iOS 15 adds advanced notifications to its functions, launching this time a new group of notifications, something that we already saw in Android and that will allow them to be ordered according to priority, this means, those most urgent will go first in an attempt to improve the productivity of the users.

This new version adds the new concentration mode, a proposal that will optimize notifications according to scenarios or the integration of the operating system itself.

iOS supports new interactions on the home screen where the user will automatically see the suggestions made by the system thanks to its artificial intelligence. In this sense, the platform may block notifications in order to make a more optimized or "concentrated" session.

As part of Apple's work, this time iOS 15 promises text and object recognition, something similar to what is done with Google Lens or Bixby Vision, recognizing scenes, books, pets, objects, or other elements.

Devices Compatible With This Apple iOS 15 Update

Apple indicated that iOS 15 will be available for the iPhone 6s Plus, 7th generation iPod Touch, iPhone X, iPhone SE in addition to the new editions of smartphones.

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